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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Digital CV?
A DIGITAL CURRICULUM VITAE is a web based CV that shows your professional brand.
2How long will it take to prepare my DigitalCV?
The duration of the service depends on the package you select and this may range from 2-4 weeks from the time all your information and payment has been received.
3Who selects my domain?
You have three options:

Option 1: We will host your CV on our domain. Your CV url will be like -

Option 2: You may buy your own domain and the server from us to store your digital CV.

Option3: You have the option to buy your own domain and server and share the information with our team
4Who selects my images and graphics?
As part of your professional brand you are the best person to select your pictures and graphics that will be on your digital CV. ( Please avoid any inappropriate images as this is a professional service)
5Is the review and design process confidential?
Your information will be shared with our team members and associates to prepare your service. However, your information will only go public once we have your permission.
6What type of information will I need to provide?
Should be members and not member
7How do I update my information ?
As part of the service we can allow 2 review updates during the review process.
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